Visita Iglesia 7 Churches in one day..(late post)

This year, we decided to go Visita Iglesia and we opted to visit the old churches in Laguna.

We were not able to go home in Marinduque this Holy Week. Good thing we didn’t because if we did maybe we were one of those stranded in the Balanacan Port. They said, they have adapted a new process.. so be it. I can say every year that is our yearly sacrifices.


First Stop: San Antonio de Padua Church Pila, Laguna

Immaculate Conception Parish Church, Sta. Cruz Laguna
Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, Pagsanjan Laguna
San Sebastian Parish, Lumban Laguna
St. John de Baptist Church Longos Laguna
Saint James the Apostle Parish, Paete Laguna
Saint Peter of Alcantara Parish, Pakil Laguna




Voucher Program for K12


Did you hear about this Voucher Program for K12 parents? If you have a Grade 10 completer don’t let this chance get away from you. Because me, I wasn’t able to get a voucher for my incoming Grade 11.

This aims to help all Grade 10 completers who are willing to continue SHS.

For more information you can refer to link displayed below:


Retinitis Pigmentosa

It was third week of January  when my youngest brother called me telling me that Manong Anteng (kuya ko) will undergo a laser treatment because he has glaucoma daw. I have been trying to check kung magkano ang laser treatment.. whoaaa ang mahal pala. it’s something to do with his eyes, he has a blur eyesight especially night time and lately it became achy and turned red.   He is a jeepney driver by the way and eyesight is very important to him.  They had undergone many labtests. Early morning today my sister-in-law messaged me that the result was Retinitis Pigmentosa.

“Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP)” is new to my ears.  Immediately search Mr. Google found out that it is hereditary. “RP is  inherited diseases that affect the photoreceptor (light sensing) cells responsible for capturing images from the visual field. These cells line the back of the eye in the region known as the retina. People with RP experience a gradual decline in their vision because the two types of photoreceptor cells – rod and cone cells – die. Rod cells are present throughout the retina, except for the very centre, and they help with night vision. Cone cells are also present throughout the retina, but are concentrated in the central region of the retina (the macula). They are useful for central (reading) vision and for colour vision. In RP, the rod cells, and eventually the cone cells stop working, causing vision loss; however, many people with RP retain useful central vision well into middle age.”


No treatment yet. He was only advised to take high in Vitamin A foods.

I hope his eyesight will get better soon.






What’s above the fault lines

We’ve been asking where are the fault lines? What subdivisions or establishments that might be affected? I was not satisified with the map alone so I searched and search online until I found Tulisanes website.  This is not to cause fear everyone, this is to make us aware of where the fault lines are and take necessary acts to avoid something happen to us people.


Source: googlepic

Just sharing you information that I got, just click the link below: